1. Policy Statement

The fight against Money Laundering is the most important task for Zenj Exchange Co. This is carried out by setting standards for Anti Money Laundering Policies and Programs such as FATF, UN, The Organization of American States, The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Central Bank of Bahrain Regulations and Instructions. Zenj Exchange Co. prohibits remittances to Charitable, Religious and Social Organizations and Societies.

2. Central Bank of Bahrain LAW

The purpose of Central Bank of Bahrain Regulation is to ensure that Money Changers have effective anti-money controls and procedures to reduce the risk of being used in money laundering transactions. It also requires them to establish an adequate system and procedures for customer identification, record keeping, compliance monitoring and internal and external reporting of suspicious or unusual transactions.

3.Identication of the Customer

3.1 While conducting a transaction, ZENJ or its correspondents shall identify the customer with their ID Card and passport or either.3.2 Inspection of all documents should be carefully done. The Photo,name,signature,expiry date,etc. given in all the documents and paper should be carefully tallied.3.3 While dealing with corporate entities, the following details should be obtained,recorded and attached with Form No.1 of AML Policy

3.4 Individual Customer shall fill in the Form No.1 Copy of any one of the customer identity prescriped in Exhibit(A) shall be attached along with Form No.1 of AML Policy.

3.5 Corporate Customer shall provide Copy of the Trade License and other documents shall be attached along with Form No.1 of AML Policy.

The details given to us must be verified by obtaining copies of the following documents which shall be attached with the registration form

- Trade License
- Identity of the authorized signatory
- Letter of representation
- Identityof the representative

3.6 All Inward Remittance transactions shall be executed on collecting the customer identity and in case of transaction for BD 5,000/= and above , the customer has to declare the details like purpose of fund received,nature of employment or business.